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The power is yours!

I am in the process of developing my Captain Planet inspired product line for the shop. This includes soaps, glosses, fragrances and more. Stay tuned, planeteers!

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Shadows of Neverland

As I’ve dipped my toes into fantasy inspired lines of products for the shop, I can’t help but glance wantingly at the childhood favorites I’ve chosen to set aside until I had all the glorious flavor oils and pigments needed to start work on them. Shadows of Neverland is a line I’ve wanted to work […]

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Merchant of Gallifrey is about to get a little filthy!

It’s been an overwhelming desire of mine for a long time to do a John Waters film inspired line of products for the shop. I’ve got so many delectable ideas for glosses and fragrances, I cannot wait to get started!

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Important Shipping Update!

Due to the US postal service raising the shipping label rates, the shop will now be charging $2.90 (instead of $2.80) for shipping on your first initial gloss and $0.80 (instead of $0.75) for each additional gloss in your order. I hope this isn’t too much of an expense or an inconvenience for you, dear […]

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Something is coming…

So if you’re like me, you’re probably hooked on Netflix’s newest sci-fi thriller, Stranger Things, too. Now, I’m a little nutty, and nerdy to the max, so to fully ‘deal’ with my new-found obsession, I’ve decided to make a Stranger Things inspired product line. We’re talking: lip glosses, lip balms, fragrances, soaps and maybe even […]

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Excuse the dust

MerchantofGallifrey.com is under construction.

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